Meet Our GAPA Vapes Team


Gabriel Antolak

Co-Founder of

Gabriel A.K.A the Professional, is our co-founder and a E-liquid chef with over 6 years of experience creating and designing new flavors. Gabriel is a huge fan of comic books and quite a movie fanatic. When he's not in the lab creating you can catch him enjoying a vape with a coffee while reading his favorite comics.


Paul Bebnowski

Co-Founder of

Paul A.K.A the Specialist is our co-founder and constant driving force of Paul has 6 years of experience designing new E-liquid flavors. Although a computer geek on the inside Paul does enjoy going to the gym and doing physical activities.


Phill Wells


Phill is our marketing manager and takes care of the social media aspect of our company. While still new to he is constantly moving up by bringing new customers in. Phill has been vaping for over 3 years now and is considered a veteran vaper. He's a huge vape geek and is a master coil builder. Phill loves playing soccer and working out doors.


Cristina Timpano


Cristina is our Logistics Manager and has been working in different warehouse distribution centers across Ontario, Canada. Cristina has 2 years experience in creating E-liquid and very passionate in experiencing the next best tasting product! She's super outgoing and loves to play sports and video games.