Our Story...

It all started for the need to quit cigarettes on April 20th 2012, when Paul (co-owner) bought his very first vape at a sketchy booth in a flea market. One week later Paul took Gabriel (co-owner) to buy the very same vape. In those days vapes weren’t big in the states let alone Canada. Finding a vendor was damn near impossible and shops were nonexistent. Flavors were also hard to come by, and if you did find something outside of the basics (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and tobacco) it was a luxury.

Our company started as a need for complex, great tasting and quality flavor. It was a hobby but soon turned into a passion. We spent all our free time working on our flavors and researching vape-anything. We were making flavors for us and for some close friends and family. Friends told other friends and soon we turned a passion into small profits.

Fast forward a couple of years, we built a lab and made a plethora of flavors. People were loving our creations and thanks to peer pressure we started GAbriel and PAul Vapes of course that sounded way too self-indulgent so GAPA was created.