We at GAPA Vapes believe in our e-liquid and our company. We thrive to make the best possible juices and a great experience buying them. To ensure this GAPA Vapes and all its employees follow what we call the four pillars that hold up our business to high standards.

Unmatched standards for Products

All of our E-juices are painstakingly formulated to be complex and delicious. We use skill to start off our recipes, then trial and error to perfect the recipe. All of our E-Juices are brewed for a minimum of two months and mixed regularly ensuring the taste you buy is what continues long after you buy it.

Impeccable Quality Control

We hand pick everything that goes into our E-Juices, scouring the globe for the best possible VG, PG, Flavors and Nicotine. We re-test everything that we purchase ensuring that what we say is in our E-juice is true. We built a full lab using ISO 9000 as our guide lines (we hope to start the ISO 9001 certification process by the end of 2017) All our equipment is food grade stainless steel and thoroughly cleaned out after each use.

Exceptional Customer Service

When you buy our E-juice whether a single bottle or a large whole sale order we consider you part of the GAPA family. You help build our company and you have a say in what we do with it. If you have and advise, comments, concerns or critiques please let us know some of our best policies has already come from potential and existing clients. We thrive to ensure everyone has the best possible experience we offer customer support 24/7 through mail to everyone, we respond within 24 hours to all emails. 

Value that Doesn’t Affect Quality

There is an old saying you can have it fast, good and cheap but you can only choose two, we are proof that this is not universal. We believe in the best and know that sometimes it doesn’t come cheap so we save money where we can for you without affecting the superb quality. We love making new E-Juices and would do it whether we were in business or not so we don’t mark up our products to charge you for our enjoyment. We work tirelessly to ensure we fill all orders within 24 hours of payment and with free two day shipping that means you get what you ordered within 3 days for no extra cost.